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Tobacco and its Perceptions in Different Professions

Tobacco and its Perceptions in Different Professions

Smoking certainly has an impact on people’s professional life, just like on their health. Being a chain smoker or tobacco user can affect people’s income; affect their recruitment and even career prospects. People who smoke, end up falling sick more often and take days off, than regular employees. This is why they are not preferred to be hired by employers. But as a matter of fact, these conditions might differ in different professions.

Smoking habits of people in the following profession;

  • Food service – 30.3%
  • Administrative and office workers – 14.4%
  • Finance department – 12.66%
  • Media, design and art – 17.3%
  • Education and science – 9.2%
  • Transportation employees – 26.1%
  • Legal professionals – 12.3%
  1. Blue collar labourers

Tobacco is usually banned in this profession, which in turn protects the employees from second or third hand smoke. The companies save themselves time as well, but there are still certain professions where the employees still make use of tobacco. This happens to be common in mechanics, corporate and auto mechanic shops and few even run it as a personal hobby. So when it is done on a smaller scale, there’s no one to stop an individual from smoking. They happen to be stereotypically hardworking, strong, middle-low class men and hence contribute to the largest demographic when it comes to tobacco use.

Firefighters too are a profession where tobacco use is common. Major reason behind why they began smoking is boredom. Certainly, the cities are not always on fire, so till the time they wait for the calls to save lives or buildings, they end up entertaining themselves with tobacco. Labourers working in the industries wait for the break to smoke, as smoking indoors is prohibited. Few work men get the break due to this reason, and if they stopped smoking they may lose the break as well. In jobs like these, the chances for accidents are higher, as it can be a big distraction for workers. Accidents also occur due to residual effects caused by cigs like confusion and lethargy.

  1. Tobacco in art world

When you picture a creative artist professional not only you, but most of us stereotype them to be bold personalities dapper clothing and of course with cigs. Biggest examples in the media are celebrities like Leonardo Dicaprio, Miley cyrus, Daniel Radcliff, Zayn Malik, lady gaga etc had been seen smoking. The music industry too considers smoking to be cool and people entering the showbiz are under pressure to smoke as others. Models develop this habit to stay skinny, as nicotine in tobacco acts as a hunger suppressant. Although, smoking can cause wrinkles and ageing, decrease skin elasticity, models still smoke to maintain their figures.

  1. Tobacco use in service industry

The industry of service includes professions like catering employees, delivery workers, textile workers and commercial drivers etc. These people make use of tobacco. This creates problems for the firms as well. Workers can form negative impression of the company they are working for. For instance, if you smoke around the textiles it can lead to odor and discoloration. Also, smell of tobacco from the body can cause trouble if you are providing service to the client.

Basically, no profession is void of tobacco; other professions that include high usage of cig are medical and paramedics.