Smoking Aspects in Developing Africa
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Smoking Aspects in Developing Africa

Africa today is developing and making tobacco a part of its discussion and is focussing on its economics and cultivation. The tobacco cultivation in Africa is being established and encouraged by multinational firms, especially Rothmans and British American tobacco, avoiding the import duty based on raw materials.

Nigeria has around 60,000 farmers that grow tobacco in a space of 120,000 acres. The three main deleterious effects due to cultivation of tobacco are; the competition in staple food harvest like cassava, millet, guinea corn and rice; the displacement of cash crops like cotton; And timber loss through bush fires and tree felling because of lit cigarette stubs.

In Nigeria’s Sokoto region, more preference is given to tobacco cultivation instead of rice cultivation as it provides them with ready cash; hence the growing of rice becomes a second choice. The result of this displacement of food crops is that, now rice is being imported in Nigeria. As any economist seeking development and welfare would cultivate rice and not tobacco. The forest reserves is also affected as the clearing of bush is taking place, in order to promote tobacco cultivation and making use of the wood fuel when it comes to flue-curing tobacco. Ecological consequences too have become disastrous in bordering areas of the desert. Yet the growth of tobacco, by any means, is not being dismissed. Major reason is the cash returns they gain from tobacco and not food crops.

Today the multinational firms are putting in a lot of effort in teaching their farmers the modern methods for land preparation. This fight against immense cultivation of tobacco can only be won by planned thought and actions. As a matter of fact, the cigarette consumption is highly underestimated in commercial or government statistics, since the smuggling of total cigarettes amounts to 25%.

It is a known fact that growing tobacco needs bigger and more lands which could otherwise serve as a purpose for growing other essential food. Besides that, curing the leaves of tobacco needs great amount of heat, which is formed by burning timber or oil and which results in deforestation, desertification and soil erosion. Although, tobacco is grown as a crop that’s exported, its hazardous health effects cannot be escaped by the country, including its economic consequences like absenteeism from the work or increasing heath care cost.

Africa is a country where the health and smoking issue is quiet complicated as the tobacco here is grown vastly and commercially and happens to rely on bringing foreign exchange through exportation. The ministries of certain nations are working on cross purposes. However, the controlling measures of tobacco cultivation must include these; public information, legislation, education and data collection. Africa does not only involve tobacco in smoking but they snuff and chew it and increases the risks for heart and coronary diseases. Tobacco firms smartly take complete advantage of lack of regulations and legislations regarding the use and promotion of tobacco in Africa.

The question here that now arises is that, if Africa is really moving forward and becoming a developed country or is it just moving forward in a hazardous way.…

Tobacco and its Perceptions in Different Professions
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Tobacco and its Perceptions in Different Professions

Smoking certainly has an impact on people’s professional life, just like on their health. Being a chain smoker or tobacco user can affect people’s income; affect their recruitment and even career prospects. People who smoke, end up falling sick more often and take days off, than regular employees. This is why they are not preferred to be hired by employers. But as a matter of fact, these conditions might differ in different professions.

Smoking habits of people in the following profession;

  • Food service – 30.3%
  • Administrative and office workers – 14.4%
  • Finance department – 12.66%
  • Media, design and art – 17.3%
  • Education and science – 9.2%
  • Transportation employees – 26.1%
  • Legal professionals – 12.3%
  1. Blue collar labourers

Tobacco is usually banned in this profession, which in turn protects the employees from second or third hand smoke. The companies save themselves time as well, but there are still certain professions where the employees still make use of tobacco. This happens to be common in mechanics, corporate and auto mechanic shops and few even run it as a personal hobby. So when it is done on a smaller scale, there’s no one to stop an individual from smoking. They happen to be stereotypically hardworking, strong, middle-low class men and hence contribute to the largest demographic when it comes to tobacco use.

Firefighters too are a profession where tobacco use is common. Major reason behind why they began smoking is boredom. Certainly, the cities are not always on fire, so till the time they wait for the calls to save lives or buildings, they end up entertaining themselves with tobacco. Labourers working in the industries wait for the break to smoke, as smoking indoors is prohibited. Few work men get the break due to this reason, and if they stopped smoking they may lose the break as well. In jobs like these, the chances for accidents are higher, as it can be a big distraction for workers. Accidents also occur due to residual effects caused by cigs like confusion and lethargy.

  1. Tobacco in art world

When you picture a creative artist professional not only you, but most of us stereotype them to be bold personalities dapper clothing and of course with cigs. Biggest examples in the media are celebrities like Leonardo Dicaprio, Miley cyrus, Daniel Radcliff, Zayn Malik, lady gaga etc had been seen smoking. The music industry too considers smoking to be cool and people entering the showbiz are under pressure to smoke as others. Models develop this habit to stay skinny, as nicotine in tobacco acts as a hunger suppressant. Although, smoking can cause wrinkles and ageing, decrease skin elasticity, models still smoke to maintain their figures.

  1. Tobacco use in service industry

The industry of service includes professions like catering employees, delivery workers, textile workers and commercial drivers etc. These people make use of tobacco. This creates problems for the firms as well. Workers can form negative impression of the company they are working for. For instance, if you smoke around the textiles it can lead to odor and discoloration. Also, smell of tobacco from the body can cause trouble if you are providing service to the client.

Basically, no profession is void of tobacco; other professions that include high usage of cig are medical and paramedics.…

Apps that Can Help you Quit Tobacco
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Apps that Can Help you Quit Tobacco

Yes you read it right. There are apps today to help you out of your misery and constant struggle of quitting tobacco. The apps that are mentioned below are chosen based on its interface usability, user ratings, their design, and their frequency of update and of course it’s ability to make you quit

People definitely find it difficult to quit because of certain withdrawal symptoms of nicotine and also their high dependence on this substance. Although there are various natural and medicated ways to give up tobacco, the most interesting way is through these certain tobacco quitting apps. It will surely keep you hooked and would give you the desired consequences.


Android- Free

Iphone- Free

This one is the most favourite one for many also because of its colourful, clear and easy flexible interface. QuitNow, claims to have around 2 million tobacco quitters till date and boasts about its unique chatting functions and consider it to be the key behind their success into this competitive field. This app community provides support and a space for people to share their success, struggles, milestones, and even goals of their journey to give up nicotine.

One more thing that is engaging is the milestone system in the app which keeps people committed and focussed and each achievement or goal has been marked with vibrant and quirky illustrations. Their health indicators are associated with WHO data.


Kwit app is inspired by gaming, game design and game mechanics. Gamification has become an aid for people and helps them change the behaviour and stay committed. It is modern and clean in its design and contains useful statistics to keep a tab at. If you hit the score zero then naturally you must start again. You will surely KWIT with this as it will keep you on your toes.

Smoke free

Android – free

iphone- free

This app flawlessly keeps track of the amount you saved, the number of cigs you are avoiding or how long you have remained smoke free. Once you start craving then you can set a record on it and gain help and solutions to curb them by using Smoke free tools. The app’s dashboard shows the progress on your health by providing insights on oxygen, carbon monoxide and blood pressure levels. It keeps a tab on your breathing, irregular circulation or cancer risk. You gain badges once you succeed. Each day you will face a task that will help you recover, and once you set your mind on achieving it there’s no stopping then.

Quit it Lite

iphone – free

A motivational and encouraging app designed to support and stop the smokers to smoke. Through basic interface you get to know the cost you are saving and how the habits of tobacco are gradually changing. It distracts you positively while you crave tobacco and displays the benefits one would attain while following it. When the app keeps you informed about your improving heart rate, oxygen levels, normal pulse rate, you naturally feel enlightened and motivated and continue staying committed till you succeed.…

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A Move Towards Vapor Cigarette Restriction In California

A group of 6 California state senators is moving to position severe constraints on electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) and e-juices of all tastes. SB-38 would shutter every vape store, avoid retail outlets from offering electronic cigarettes.

The very first state to legislate medical cannabis, method back in 1996, might quickly be imposing stringent laws would punitively limit and in lots of cases even cutoff adult access to electronic cigarettes.

Get all set to wait for the mailman if you presently purchase your vaping items online. Because signature confirmation by a celebration over the age of 21 would be made compulsory by SB-39 and product packaging would need to be notably identified with the words: “INCLUDES TOBACCO PRODUCTS: SIGNATURE OF INDIVIDUAL 21 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER REQUIRED FOR SHIPMENT.” The constraints laid out in SB-39 might produce an overwhelming challenge for rural vapor cigarette users, particularly since the majority of e-cig business has embraced harsh age confirmation treatments.

The Gang Of 6

As if this overwrought rhetoric was not enough, San Francisco Chronicle pointed out the now-familiar story that is being utilized to bludgeon the electronic cigarette market into submission: “Attracted by fruit, sweet and other attractive tastes, high school and intermediate school trainees throughout the U.S. are vaping in record numbers. The rise has reversed the decrease in minor usage of all tobacco items.”

Restriction And Legalization

California Senate Expense Sb-38 Calls Fda Laws Approximately Eleven

One of the two problematic pillars of the FDA’s method to the guideline is the undisputed facility that sweet e-juice tastes exist to attract minors to vape. The portion of children that utilize fruit/dessert tastes is more significant still; however, this makes sense when you think about that tobacco type tastes are most popular with heavy cigarette smokers who just recently stopped.

One review of the FDA guidelines was that they are exceeding their bounds by distinguishing in between sales channels. The California law is the level playing field. The corner store, gasoline station, vape stores, and online merchants all get hammered.

Restriction And Legalization

The supposed advantages of medical cannabis were trusted in 1996 by Californians. This happened in spite of a lack of peer-evaluated, essential gold proof in high effect medical journals. On the other hand of the formula, the prospective advantages of e-cigarettes have been mostly cast aside because of a boost in teenager vaping.

At least Scott Gottlieb acknowledges the possible advantages that electronic cigarettes supply to cigarette smokers. The embarrassing failure of the Restriction ordeal in the 1920s and excesses that took place throughout the war on drugs must serve as cautionary tales.

The failure of Restriction is, in fact, an imperfect example. The restriction did highlight the futility of trying to enact laws a popular item out of presence.